An invitation to enjoy true Freedom!

Be a part of a new Freedom Movement that's taking shape just 55 kilometers away from Nashik.

  • Consider experiencing the following:
  • I am free from pollution.
  • I am free from noise.
  • I am free from toxins.
  • I am free from Stress.
  • I am free from illnesses.
  • I live long and Strong.

Sounds like a dream? The good news is, this dream destination is for real and not too far away!

Life at Muktt

Wake up to a crisp fresh morning, set amidst rolling hills and a network of backwaters. Allow the glorious sunrises and the magical sunsets to set your spirit free. Immerse yourself in the midst of unspoiled natural beauty.

Muktt embodies a lifestyle that is truly integrated with the ways in which Mother Nature expresses herself. Come surrender yourself to her healing powers!

Muktt is a 100% vegetarian and toxin free zone. We thank you for saying "bye-bye" to alcohol, nicotine or any other intoxicating substances!

  • You can choose from any one of the following residential facilities:
  • Tent facility with separate bathroom and Toilet.
  • Dormitory for groups.
  • Individual Rooms.

All residential facilities are comfortable and equipped with round-the-clock water and uninterrupted electricity supply. Extra beds can be provided, subject to their availability.

Please don't expect surroundings with urban influences. At Muktt we want you experience a natural, peaceful and stress-free holiday. Please pardon us for not entertaining such distractions as the TV, Mobile and Newspapers.

Additionally, the cuisine is strictly vegetarian and is served in an Indian style dining area with no tables & chairs.

We are sure that you'll love this experience !


Summer / Winter
  • Sports shoes
  • Warm Cloths (winter)
  • Indoor footwear
  • Extra set of Cloths
  • Raincoat
  • Rainy Shoes
  • Warm Cloths
  • Indoor footwear
  • Extra set of Cloths
  • Camera with extra cells
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Books to read
  • Swim Suit and gear
Please Avoid
  • Saree, Tight Jeans
  • High Heeled footwear
  • Flip Flops / Floaters